A major player in electronics subcontracting for over 50 years, our 400 professionals meet the needs of our customers by providing a comprehensive service that covers the entire product life cycle.

We can provide:
– Studies and new technologies with targeted partners in sectors requiring reliability and technical expertise
– Full project management
– Industrialisation, co-development, design to cost
– Manufacturing and testing methods
– Purchasing
– Supply chain management
– Circuit board production (models, prototypes, pre-production, production)
– Complex integration of modules and finished products, after-sales service and operational maintenance

Our history

Key figures

Women / Men equality index 84/100

  • 400


  • 52,84%


  • 47,16%


  • 73,9m€

    2023 turnover

Sectors of activity

  • Aeronautic, Rail & Military: 25%
  • Industrial & Professional: 56%
  • Lighting: 11%
  • Telecoms: 8%

Our values

  • Cohesion

    We are a Group, and we develop our identity through dialogue and sharing. The COFIDUR EMS team is supportive and united.

  • Confidance

    Our skills and our know-how enable us to develop our autonomy. Our reliability and our commitment enable us to create a stable and trusting relationship for our clients.

  • Respect

    Our self-discipline in the conformity of our products and our equitable and fair consideration of the women and men making up our company are enabling us to construct our future.

  • Reactivity

    We work every day to anticipate and adapt in order to meet our customer's demands on time, and we create the conditions for versatility and agile organisation to achieve this objective.

Our management

Since 2021, a new page has been turned for the Group, a new story is being written with the transfer of the shareholding to a new management team. It's a well-considered choice that allows us to retain our autonomy and freedom of decision. A present and complementary team that remains involved in the field, in action, choices and directions. A new adventure begins... Ambitions 2025!