After-sales service / In-service support

We offer two services:

  • ·In-service support for long life cycle products, generally for the industrial and service sectors
  • ·After-sales service for short life cycle products, generally for the telecoms and data sectors

We offer:

·Extensive industrial capacity
210 qualified staff

a certified system with:

·4 telecom after-sales service lines
5 Industrial and Services in-service support units

In-service support – for long life cycles

For over 15 years, our in-service support division has been taking all the actions required to ensure the ongoing functioning of products and services, as appropriate to their life cycles. Repair, renovation and re-use are optimised to achieve the best possible cost-longevity trade-off for products.

This means becoming involved at various points in the product life cycle:

-Upstream, during the product design and development phase (co-design and prototyping).

-Downstream during the end-of-life phase, through in-service support.


·Life cycle : 10 to 25 years

·Quantities : 50 to 1,000 per month

·15,000 in 2013

We also handle:

  • Obsolescence management and monitoring
  • Fault management and analysis
  • Diagnostics, component repair and retrofit
  • Secure long-term stock management, LBO
  • Reconfiguration and management of hard and soft updates
  • Card reconstruction, second chance and recycling

We offer specific solutions including:

  • Creation of new products and sub-assemblies
  • Technical expertise and assistance
  • Second chance: reuse
  • Product testing and reliabilization
  • Waste processing management