Prototyping and large-scale development

Codifur EMS supports you from the very first stages of your project and then through design, initial development and large-scale development.

We can advise on technical and environmental feasibility and offer recommendations and information on construction rules to limit process risk. We also offer support during layout and routing phases and while taking on the routing of PCBs.

We communicate interactively with our customers from the expression of needs phase through to prototyping in our dedicated manufacturing unit.

We can also use our knowledge to assist you with large-scale development for your products (PCBs, cables and assemblies).

From PCB routing through to prototypes, the processes and tools our teams use help control quality and development lead times for your products, and consequently their costs in mass production:
– Project-based management (risk analysis, process FMECA, product FMECA, etc.)
– Mechanical CAD: SolidWorks
– Electrical CAD: Cadence, Altium, PADS
– Creation of files and programmes: Unicam/Test Expert
– Test coverage analysis: Testway
– 3D printing